Cash for Care: How to Pay for Your Own Long-term Care—and Still Have Enough for Your Spouse

Statistics say, you’re probably going to need long-term care someday—and it’s probably going to cost a bundle. Fortunately, some careful planning right now can help you feel confident about paying your own way without creating undue financial pressure on your spouse. Long-term care—either at home, or in a home—is a very common need. The Department […]

Getting Out of Your Own Way: Are You Unknowingly Circumventing Your Estate Plan?

If you’re like many wealthy people, you probably walked out of your attorney’s office after signing off on your estate plan thinking, “Glad that’s over.” The truth is, estate planning is never really over. Your estate plan always requires ongoing monitoring and review—partly because your circumstances are constantly changing, but also because you may have […]

Prescription before the diagnosis?

I get asked a lot of the same questions every week—questions like, “Is now a good time to buy bonds?” or “Should I buy an annuity?” My answer is always the same, too, and it takes the form of a question: “What are you trying to accomplish?” Now, the response I typically get back is […]