Do you have newly opened investment accounts since creating your estate plan?

The titling of accounts can play an important role in how your assets ultimately distribute to your heirs. For example, retirement accounts have beneficiary designations that determine who receives these accounts. If overlooked, these designations can inadvertently circumvent your intentions that are laid out in your estate documents.

Do you know if there is the use of leverage inside of your investment strategies?

Certain investment strategies can utilize leverage to enhance potential returns. Leverage is not always transparent when reading an investment statement and is often found deep inside a strategy’s prospectus. While leverage can enhance returns, it may also potentially enhance losses and should be considered if this (often unseen) risk is necessary to accomplish your objectives.

Do you currently use target-date funds as part of your retirement strategy?

Target date funds can be tricky as these investments assume that all investors who are retiring in similar years have similar risk tolerances and cash flow needs in retirement. Typically, these funds reduce risk as the target retirement date approaches. Certain investors may need or may wish to have a higher risk tolerance or need […]