Looking for a better way to control costs, meet your fiduciary obligations and help your plan participants improve their retirement readiness? West Capital Management offers expert guidance and unbiased investment management for your 401(k) plan. We can assist you in meeting your fiduciary obligations by helping you update plan documents, establish Safe Harbor passage, pass top-heavy and non-discrimination testing, successfully complete the IRS “Self-Correction Program” and more. Our offering includes:

  • Shared fiduciary liability
  • Plan designs that meet your goals while complying with ERISA and Department of Labor regulations
  • Writing a detailed, customized Investment Policy Statement
  • Helping trustees remain in compliance with all aspects of IRS 404c
  • A variety of innovative investment models spanning a broad range of risk tolerances
  • Personal guidance via onsite participant meetings
  • Contribution tracking
  • Quarterly reports
  • A seamless conversion process that you can track through our proprietary Gantt chart
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