Your Multi-Family Office

Most wealth management firms funnel all of your interactions through a single point of contact—giving you a narrow and often superficial perspective. At West Capital Management, you are the CEO of a three-part team of specialized experts—the TRIPOD™—who report directly to you. Your team works together to address every aspect of managing your wealth: Wealth Design (Advisory), Wealth Alignment (Investment Research) and Wealth Implementation (Planning).

Unfiltered Access to Credentialed Expertise

Typical advisors may be generalists who lack detailed subject matter expertise or a nuanced understanding of your personal situation. At West Capital Management, you enjoy direct access to highly credentialed professionals— from tax attorneys to CFA® charterholders—who give you the full benefit of their specialized expertise.

Direct Accountability

Every member of your West Capital Management Team answers directly to you face-to-face, and you can hold them responsible for helping you achieve your goals. You can get straight answers to all of your questions, whether you are asking about a trade, a trust or family dynamics. Also as a West Capital Management client, you are supplied with your own direct client dial-in phone number.

A More Rounded Picture of Your Needs

Each team member brings a unique perspective to your situation, helping ensure that no critical issue is overlooked. For example, attorneys review the legal and asset protection provisions of your plan; CPAs examine the tax implications; and CFA® charterholders weigh the suitability of your investments.

Wealth Design - Advisory Team

Your dedicated advisor works with you one-on-one to understand all of your needs—not only your investment objectives, but also your personal situation, your family dynamics and your lifelong aspirations. Then your advisor identifies best-fit plans, retirement strategies, tax concerns and top areas of risk to help you achieve your goals. On an ongoing basis, your advisor continuously evaluates your planning and investment recommendations to help keep you on track.

  • Dedicated advisors with credentials such as J.D., CIMA and CFP®
  • Identification of tax concerns, areas of risks, investment preferences, retirement strategies and plans
  • Creation of custom Investment Policy Statement
  • Continuous evaluation of planning and investment needs
  • Quarterly in-person reviews with specialists from each department
  • One-on-one understanding of client and family

Are you fully satisfied with the advisory service you now receive?

Dedicated advisor

  • Do you have a single, dedicated person responsible for coordinating your entire team—including your own attorneys, accountants and insurance agents?

Family involvement

  • Could your family benefit from proven, professional techniques to ease conversations about money and inheritance?
  • Have family members received tailored education to develop healthy productive attitudes toward wealth?

Custom Investment Policy Statement

  • Do you have a written, comprehensive, accurate description of your needs and goals to drive your planning?
  • Does your policy statement include retirement strategies, custom investment plans, tax concerns and cash flow needs?

Quarterly Review Meetings

  • Do you meet your advisor on a regular basis?
  • Do you receive a quarterly, fully-customizable report—aggregated across all your accounts—that lets you see at a glance detailed holdings, realized gains and losses, ordinary income, advisor fees and cost basis?
  • Does your advisor regularly review planning and family topics?
  • Does your advisor contact you personally to review hot topics and the agenda for upcoming meetings in advance?

Continuous evaluation

  • Does your advisor act as your personal advocate with your outside professional team?
  • Do you receive regular feedback on the progress of your overall plan?

Retirement planning

  • Have you received a cash flow analysis to address your current and future liquidity needs?
  • Does your retirement plan include an analysis of Social Security benefits, pension maximization strategies, executive compensation and restricted stock holdings?

Wealth Alignment-Investment Research Team

Your dedicated research team aligns your portfolio with your financial objectives, risk tolerance and broader personal goals—while also keeping you abreast of the best ideas the market has to offer. The team balances your performance expectations with your risk tolerance and tax considerations. Because West Capital Management earns no commissions and sells no proprietary products, you can be confident that every investment decision is made with only your interests in mind.

  • Dedicated, credentialed Portfolio Managers (CFA® charterholders)
  • Portfolios customized to complement investor behavior
  • Tax-efficient investment process
  • Exhaustive investment analysis, including onsite manager due diligence
  • Access to institutional-quality strategies at reduced minimum investments
  • Unbiased approach
  • No proprietary products or models
  • Access to capacity-constrained investments where it may be difficult for larger firms to gain entry
  • Constant vigilance to minimize costs

Are you fully satisfied with the investment research you now receive?

Goal clarification

  • Do you have an Investment Policy Statement that details all of your goals in clear, concise language?
  • Do your investments follow your policy, or has your portfolio suffered from “drift” over time?

Portfolio stress test

  • Are there hidden risks in your portfolio—and have you been adequately compensated for them?

Capital allocation

  • Does your portfolio place too much reliance on overall market performance to generate returns?
  • Are you exposed to excessive market risk?
  • Does your allocation reflect the latest insights in investor behavior analysis?

Manager and strategy selection

  • Is your portfolio composed of hundreds of thinly-vetted approaches—or carefully selected choices?
  • Does your portfolio include investment managers who invest shoulder-to-shoulder with you in their own ideas?
  • Are your decisions about your portfolio informed by an industry-leading research team that conducts onsite visits and analysis on your behalf?

Capital “location”

  • Have you ever reviewed the entities that hold your assets, such as trusts, qualified plans, IRAs, etc.?
  • Have they ever been restructured to help better achieve your tax and estate planning goals?

Wealth Implementation-Planning Team

Your dedicated planning team consists of seasoned experts with credentials who strive to ensure that no detail is overlooked in helping you achieve your goals. They create and implement a customized plan tailored to your unique personal circumstances, addressing topics ranging from retirement, college savings and estate planning to cash flow planning, asset protection, account titling—all with optimum tax efficiency in mind. Your planning team will also assist with day-to-day account maintenance needs, from cashiering and wire transfers to RMDs and Crummey notices.

  • Dedicated, credentialed planning and service specialists (CPA, CFP®, MBA, J.D. and LL.M)
  • Extensive document, account titling and beneficiary designation review
  • Asset protection, income tax and estate planning strategies
  • Retirement income, Medicare, Social Security and long-term care planning
  • Pension design, restricted stock and executive deferred compensation analysis
  • Day-to-day account maintenance

Are you fully satisfied with the planning you now receive?

Tax efficiency

  • Are you taking advantage of time-tested techniques such as collaring, harvesting year-end losses and accepting in-kind positions?
  • Will your assets pass to your heirs in the most tax-efficient manner?

Estate planning

  • Is someone relieving you of the administrative burden of gathering asset information, account titles, wills, trusts and other paperwork?
  • Are you receiving an objective “second opinion” on your documents and structures?
  • Is a dedicated resource collaborating with your attorneys to keep your estate plans up to date with the latest techniques?

Lifelong planning

  • Do you have asset protection strategies in place for current and future generations?
  • Are your accounts regularly reviewed to ensure that account titling and beneficiary designations do not undermine your estate plan?
  • Is a formal insurance and risk management plan in place?
  • Does your plan address Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid?
  • Do you have a plan for education savings?


  • Does your giving plan properly support the causes you care about?
  • Is your plan customized to your unique goals, tax considerations and available time and personal involvement?

Direct access

  • Can you call a dedicated phone line to access planning team members directly for day-to-day concerns?